Opticians and Eye Doctors in Boulder, CO

We are a family owned and locally operated retail optical store in Boulder, CO.

Most of our staff opticians are Board Certified by the American Board of Opticianry. This ensures that all of our employees are properly trained to understand the complexity of your prescription and to find the best optical solutions to meet your needs.


Heinz – Owner/ABO Certified Optician

My first experience with retail optical was in high school working at my parent’s store. While in college, I worked in the eyeglass safety program at IBM. After college, I managed an eyeglass manufacturing plant for almost 10 years, and then made the decision to get back into the optical retail business. My wife and I started Aspen Eyewear in 1986, did our own tenant finish, and even built the display stands. In 1990 we remodeled and doubled the size of our store. By 1996, our oldest daughter started working with us and now plays a key role in the operation of the business.

Jennifer – Manager/ABO Certified Optician

I’ve been around the family business most of my life, but officially joined the business in 1996. No one is more aware than me that this is fundamentally a service business. I will do whatever is necessary to ensure your satisfaction with our service and products.

Our Doctor

Dr. Michael Bollenbacher – Optometrist

Dr. Michael Bollenbacher is here to provide you the absolute best eye care examinations!

He has over thirteen years of professional experience and has been formally recognized for excellent clinical eye care. As a former clinical director for two LASIK centers, Dr. Bollenbacher has extensive experience in LASIK and other vision enhancing procedures that help people live active lives without the need of glasses or contact lenses. We are conveniently located in The Village Shopping Center, on 2525 Arapahoe Avenue in Boulder.

To schedule an appointment, Dr. Bollenbacher can be reached by the following methods:

Phone: (303) 444-1405
Fax: (303) 413-9421
Website: www.drbollenbacher.com
Email: [email protected]

Our Opticians

Patty – ABO Certified Optician

I have 30 years’ experience performing optical lab work, with the past 15 being here at Aspen Eyewear. We are a unique store in the fact that we have our own in-house lab where I do my work. If there is a problem with your lenses, I’ll see that it gets fixed right away.

Lori – ABO Certified Optician

Lori began her career as an optician in Alaska where she gained her certification while working with the president of the Opticians Association of America. After being an optician for 36 years, Lori has proudly been with Aspen Eyewear for over 10 years. Working at Aspen Eyewear for Lori has been a place where she is able to not only serve customers to her best ability, but also truly cares for each and every customer she helps.

Pam – Optician

Pam has been with Aspen Eyewear since June 2010. She has instantly shown us the wealth of her experiences as well as her ability to care for customers. Pam began her optical career over 25 years ago in Denver, CO. Since the beginning of her career, Pam has worked at a variety of optical shops. None of these experiences have come close to the warm family environment that she gets from both her co-workers and the customers alike.

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